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Meet our sister, Renee Preston-Bennett.  She is the youngest daughter of Deborah and Raymond Preston, a graduate of Cleveland Heights High (1997), and a graduate of The Ohio State University (2002).


Renee is the mother of 2 wonderful daughters, Tashara 16 and Leah 14.  She was  recently blessed to marry the man of her dreams, Ryan Bolden.

What makes Renee a bit unique is her cancer story.  In September 2017, she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer.  She underwent surgery a week later followed by chemotherapy.  In April of 2018, Renee was able to proudly express to the world that she was cancer free.  However, by the beginning of 2019 the cancer had returned and Renee resumed chemo treatment. 

Renee was invited to participate as a model in our Pretty in Pink Fashion show but had to withdraw her participation as a result of an aggressively modified treatment plan.   Renee is a beautiful, strong, and optimistic woman who is still actively fighting through her journey after recently being told that there are no medical treatments that could cure her of her cancer. 

Renee is our sister and as My Sister's Keeper, we lessen the stresses of those we love so that they can focus more on healing and loving.  During the month of September, we are actively raising funds for Renee to help cover medical expenses.  Please help us in this worthy cause.

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Renee's Pretty in Pink Application Submission

What is your cancer story? How have you been affected by cancer?
What words of advice would you give to someone who has been affected by cancer?


Stay positive! Your mindset is half the battle. Surround yourself with positive people. Know your body! Don't just take the doctors word. Do your own research. You are your BEST Advocate! Claim your healing! My God is a healer. Speak your healing into existence. Be blessed and LIVE your best LIFE!



I'm LIVING with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. I was diagnosed Aug 2017. "I don't fit the profile" of someone who could/would be diagnosed at 38. I have 2 young daughters and lots of life left in me. I've had to leave my job of 15 years, help my children and family understand things, and maintain my household. I have an awesome support system that consists of The Lord, Family, my Boyfriend, Sorority Sisters, and life long Friends! Together we made it to remission once and I know I will see it again soon! #Igotthis


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