Do you remember the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child"?  While in my battle with cancer, I have learned that it takes a community to beat cancer.  During my journey, it felt as if all cards were stacked against me.  What about my job, what about my children, what about dinner?  These are just a few of the questions that cross the minds of our sisters.   

This project highlights a few of our sisters whose stories are unique and would benefit from support from an expanded community. 

The women highlighted below have been negatively impacted by Covid.  We are calling on your support to help encourage these women to remain courageous in their fight.  


If you are interested in donating gift cards or offering other support, please contact us at or call (216) 333-1819 x 6.

Sherri White



Skin Cancer

Born in Cleveland, OH - August 12,1972


Keisha has 2 children and 2 grand daughters.  In late 2020, she was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer after seeing her doctor with a concern of discoloration. 

On October 11, 2020, Keisha toe was amputated and was  unable to work for months due to her recovery and treatment.  She was approved for short-term disability which was 60% of her pay and not enough to cover rent.


During her recovery, Keisha depleted her time on FMLA, benefits, and later was no longer employed.  

Today, Keisha household expenses are unpaid and she heavily scrutinizes what to pay as she continues to recover.


Her landlord has been supportive.  She has applied for several rental assistance programs but was denied.  She is currently waiting for responses from other applications she had submitted. 


Since January, Keisha works for a temp agency and was on the mend.  She later tested positive for COVID.  She had to begin quarantining which resulted in her losing her assignment with the temp agency. 


"So I’m knocked but I know my God won’t fail me I’m in the mist of the storm but he will pull me through Amen 🙏

I’m going to keep smiling and praising him."




Breast Cancer

Shannon was diagnosed with breast cancer in early November of 2020.  As of late January 2021 Shannon was diagnosed with Covid-19 and is now in a medically induced coma fighting for her life.  Shannon is a wife and is raising 4 adopted boys ages 11,13,15, & 18 (18 with special needs) on his own while also trying to maintain his full time job. 

Shannon's story is like many women who have been impacted by cancer.  However, what makes Shannon's story different is the additional layer of caution - that is covid. 

Many of us worry about contracting the virus while we have immune systems that are in tact.  When undergoing chemotherapy, one's immune system can be depleted making patients susceptible to contracting deadly illness. 

In light of this many women, like Shannon has been unable to work in order to remain safe as prescribed by her healthcare provider. 

This is just a peak into our sister's life and we ask for your help during this time. 




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